Who We Are
Here comes holidays you want to travel, You want to break free from your daily routine you want to holiday.

So the next thing you do is pick up the phone and call your travel agent or surf the net for various offers. The first thing you would do is find out which is the cheapest offer in the market without realising the fact what you are going to get and what you deserve to get in the price offered. Is the planned itinerary and inclusions in the price quoted worth doing it.

This is where we at Viaggio Global Travelz are different. Our team consists of experts travelled globally for the past 15 years having on road experience enabling us to give you to the point advice and can really make your holiday a holiday in true sense and not a tour.

We take great care of all our customers individually and their individual requirements and level of comfort whilst on a holiday.

We donít want to compete in a cat race which compels us to ruin your holiday experience just to pull down on prices.

Once travelled with Viaggio Global Travelz always will travel by Viaggio Global Travelz.

We are travel experts in domestic and international holidays. We plan holidays for individuals, groups, corporates.
Our Team
The working team of Viaggio Global Travelz has people who have a minimum of 15 years On Road experience who have actually accompanied groups on International and Domestic Holidays with a minimum strength of 40 upto 570 (corporate group).

Visa Team has a wide experience of 32 years and to boast off No Rejection for any case applied.

Destination Partners with passenger handling
capacity of minimum 1,50,000 per annum.

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